Saturday, February 25, 2012

a really good reminder

i gave it a lotta thought before i offered it.
i thought it thru as much as i could.
i gave it a lotta thought before we met.
asked a friend for her thoughts.
asked my guy for his.
and then did some more thinking.

tried to cover all the angles in my head.

and yes......i KNEW i couldn't control it, and went in with that knowing.

but you know what i forgot?

how little i really do know!

i forgot how little i know.

and you know what? i think that's a really good thing to keep in mind.
so the reminder did me a world of good.

there was something major that happened that never even occurred to me
in all my pre-planning/thinking. there were other things i saw that i had never
even thought to include in all my thoughts.

good stuff.

which makes me laugh.
cause a lotta times it's not good stuff that i haven't  figured in.

so it was nice it was good stuff.

and i was happy about the good stuff....

but i'm way happier about this - i know very very very little.
and if i can remember that and just bring my best to the table every day,
and let the universe flow around me, and if i can just release into that flow.....

well, it wouldn't get better than that.
i couldn't figure out better things and better ways.

i have no control anyway.
why don't i just release into the beauty of that and go with it?

that's what i was reminded of yesterday.
it felt good to see that lesson again.
i needed it.


Susie Keeth said...

Ahhhhh.... sweet release. I sure do love that feeling and the freeing of the soul that it brings.

Sherry said...

So good to be reminded!! I remember realizing an element of this when I was younger. If I was worried about a situation I would think through all the possible ways I could conceive of things playing out...and never NEVER did it ever go any of the ways I thought. There are *always* elements that we just don't know of. :D And if we're lucky they're happy ones. So good to be reminded. Our job is to be okay here and now, and trust! Thanks Terri!