Friday, March 2, 2012

okay, last one

okay, this will prolly be it and i'll get quiet about all this 'to have or to be' stuff....

but i wanted to throw in the thoughts i had that related to it that were on that
recording i dug up. i called it something like 'the who and the how.'

i rambled on for about 15 minutes when the bottom line is really simple.
so like, what else is new???

the idea is that 'who we are' might have several layers.
there's the upper layers where you get our personalities and our traits.
and then the bottom deep layers where we're all swirling souls that
are pieces of 'the source'....where we're all really made up of the same
stuff and all one.

that's the who stuff.

and the how stuff would be how you travel.

like things for me that feel important are kindness, honesty, integrity.
that kinda stuff. so the how is traveling with that stuff (or without it)

and it occurred to me that it might lead to a more fulfilled life not to concentrate
so much on the who....not to get lost in the upper personality stuff,
but to concentrate on how i travel. which i guess will add to the personality
stuff without me even trying.

and if i travel the how in a way i want to, it will only bring me more in contact
with the lower lower soul who stuff.

so i got to thinking how important it was to travel how you want to.

which directly ties into fromm's 'being' stuff.

the 'how' and the 'being' seemed to be pretty much the same stuff.

which excites me to no end.

now. where the heck does it leave me?
i don't know.

the 'business' aspect of my life usually pops in when i'm trying to figure stuff out.

i have bumped into a whole lotta issues i've got about self esteem and self worth
that i didn't even know i had. and those things have become clear to me thru
the business aspect of my life. so it's a great place to land when i'm trying to figure
stuff out. it's a whirling nest of confused energy. what better place to try out theories?

so here -

i'd really love to be rollin' in the money and not budget one more day in my whole life.
i really would like that.

so how does that fit in?
do i want to 'have' money?


but i think maybe that's the wrong attitude.

i don't think fromm woulda approved.


okay. okay. let me try again......

i think maybe i want to be not worried about finances, live abundantly,
give freely...that kinda thing.....i think it's more a life style than having the money.
but you see, i still get confused.
it's not clear to me how to separate some of it.
i mean, you kinda have to be able to pay your bills to not worry about finances,
and all the rest of it....

so i haven't gotten this concept down by a long shot.

but the 'how' helps me too. if i concentrate on how i move thru life,
it keeps the focus on good stuff.

so that's the end of my confused and muddled thoughts on the subject.
well, probably not really.
but for a bit anyway.

like they were no help at all, were they??

i'm gonna muddle with it, talk to people about it, and see what i can come up with.
if anything helpful shows itself, i'll try again here.

i still think it's exciting tho......
and fun.......
and way cool.

muddled and happy about it over here...


Susie Keeth said...

You know where it sounds like it leaves us to me? Right in front of a great big slice of Pooh's Coddleston Pie Principle.....using our own, unique Inner Nature. And our Inner Nature usually knows better than a brain what is right for us and isn't as easily fooled or manipulated as our brains. So it evolves just as it should.... and our being and our doing and our how we get there are all in blalnce with that deep layer of our Inner Nature.... the layer just above "the source". That's where it seems to me like it leaves us.

terri said...

slappin' my head! of course! it leaves us with the coddlestone pie principle! lol! love that, susie, thanks!