Friday, April 6, 2012

trust, magic and life.........

i just got gifted with something amazing.
a box of books.

a whole box of books that i'd love to read.

someone i knew and cared about passed away and her husband sent them to me.
the timing is soooooo good.
i curled on my couch just holding each one and delighting in them.
what a treasure.
to have a piece of this woman here in her books.
it's amazing to me they found their way here.
i am so grateful to her husband for sharing these.

there's an alice walker in the mix.
and the title made me gasp out loud....

'we are the ones we have been waiting for.'

that is so closely tied with my thought these past few weeks of us
being the the light we've been looking for.

i opened the book right up to this - i kid you not -

'when life descends into the pit
i must become my own candle
willingly burning myself
to light up the darkness
around me.'

i couldn't believe it.
just finding that sorta sparked this stuff inside of me.

this morning trust was sparked.
this afternoon i remembered magic.

i'm going to go sink into a healing weekend.
not sure if i'll surface here or not this weekend.

so i wanted to be sure to post that little poem now.
that's no little poem, to be sure.

to trust.
to magic.
to life.

i'm toasting it all right now....


AkasaWolfSong said...

You are soooo gonna love Alice Walker Ter...she's one of my longtime fave author/poets/sheros!!!

Have fun healing this weekend...I think I'm going to be way low on the radar too, he he. Sometimes a girl just has to do that.

Still holding you Woman!

terri said...

thanks, akasa.....holding you right back. rest in that quiet time...

Merry ME said...

Well, dang! I think I'll lay low too!