Sunday, May 13, 2012

deeply grateful

it was bothering me a little bit.
and since we were sitting around anyway,
i went ahead and brought it up.

i looked around the kitchen table at them all,
told them i had it figured out what i'd do, so that's not what i'm looking for.
i just want to talk about it cause i'm feelin' weird.

and so we launched into it.

turns out i didn't have it figured out at all,
i completely changed my first thoughts on it,
and i needed much more than just sharing it.

they helped me a ton.

so, okay. big deal.
not much of an exciting story.

thing is.....
it was my sons and my guy.
who were just sitting around the kitchen catchin' up about the day.
no one was talkin' anything serious.

and there they were.........all stopped and listened.
all gave me sincere input.
all offered their understanding of my discomfort.

i felt seen, heard, understood, supported, helped and loved.
by every single one of 'em.

i wanted their input.
i wanted their thoughts.

i value that.

i honestly value the input from these guys more than any other input
on the planet.

on this mother's day morning, i couldn't think of a better post.

to be sitting with my grown sons because we all want to be together,
to be asking for their thoughts because i value their thoughts,
to feel seen and heard and loved,
to be grateful for their help,
to be grateful for their presence......

seems like a big deal of a story to me. like a way big deal.

and the feeling inside of me right now feels like a living prayer.
and that's what i wanted to offer today.

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