Friday, May 25, 2012

a full day.....

how is it possible that a day none of us has time for,
with projects that are a total pain,
with expenses that are completely inconvenient,
turns into such a delight and a time i just wouldn't pass up for anything.?!

it was a truly priceless day.

and i'm learning.
i'm so learning.
there's days more ahead.
days more.
it's gonna take a chunk of time.
but i see how good this time can be.
so i'm not gonna rush it.
i'm gonna let it have its own schedule.
and let it happen as it does.

i'm learning.

cause my natural state is to have a schedule and stick to it.
to understand we have no time for it, and to get it done as
quickly as possible......

but schedules are gonna ruin this flow, the good natured working....

and so yesterday i took the schedule and tossed it away.

i'm learning.

and i see how there's trust in that tossing the schedule.
trust that there is enough time.
and all the business.....will get taken care of.

there's trust here.
there's treasuring the moments.
that's a nice combination.

two of my favorite moments from yesterday -

i was laying flat out on my roof, leaning over the side, painting
some trim. the guys were on the ground doing various things.
all of us near each other.

i dribbled paint by accident...mumbled 'opps.'
painted a little and said 'ya know.........'
dirbbled a little more...'ooooooops'
continued on with my thought......
which was this -

working on a project together is a great bonding thing to do.
taking time out of a regular schedule and doing something different
as a team, is a really cool thing to do. wouldn't it be fun to do a
project once a year at one of our houses? all gather and work together?

zakk was directly below me, dodging the dribbles of paint that were
falling as i shared my thought.

he looked up with a grin - 'i'm in as long as it's not my house!'

that so made me laugh.

and it brought me to a place of seeing the moment.

i felt the sun on me on that roof, looked down below at the guys,
and just felt so darn good.

we were all sitting on the edge of the roof.
they were trying to figure out something with the shingles.
it'd been a full day of working........and everyone was doin' fine.
good moods, just figuring things out. i had been inside doin' cleaning
for the pipe project. i had just come out to hang out a bit.

zakk was looking at the bag that held the shingles. reading something.
noah looked over at him, and calmly said 'there's a wasp by your knee.
just so you know.'

zakk glanced over at the wasp, said hello and went back to reading the bag.
the wasp did a loop around zakk and then flew off.

that moment right there..........i loved it.
noah looking out for zakk so he didn't move his knee and get stung,
zakk knowing that's all he had to do, just not sit on the darn wasp and it
would be he just said hello and went back to what he was doing........

that moment.
the calmness.
the peace.

i sat there between them, with the evening coming up around us,
thinking how totally cool this whole day had been.

today business is calling all of us...
there will only be so much house project time.
and perhaps that's perfect.

watching the moments over here.....
and treasuring them........

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Sherry said...

So absolutely beautiful. :)