Thursday, May 31, 2012

my butterfly

i usually don't do dreams here cause really.......who wants to read someone else's
dream?!! but this is so short....not really a dream.....but an image in a dream.....
really has hit me......had to share.......

it was a butterfly.
orange and red.

now picture a butterfly with it's wings mostly open.
they're not flat out. but they're open pretty wide.
okay, now attach two more sets of wings on it.
and all the wings can flutter and move together or apart.

so i looked at this butterfly and it was beautiful.
it kinda raised up it's wings in a V shape.
and then it pulled up another set of it's wings......
and the colors were like you could see thru them a bit
so that they could mix with the other colors.
and the color got even deeper and more beautiful.
and THEN it pulled up it's third set of wings.

these wings mixed their colors together and when combined,
they were so deep and so rich and so brilliantly vivid
that it took my breath away.

i gotta believe that's the parts of us.......
our wounds and pain, our heart and goodness, our different parts.

and i can move thru life with them all there but separate....
or i can move thru life with them all working together.
and when they all move together, touching each other,
next to each other, gosh,
the depth and the richness and the vivid hues that are created.......

i want that.