Friday, June 1, 2012

laundry anyone?!

houston! we have water flow!

it took an entire day....
there was drilling thru cinder block,
cutting thru 6 inches of concrete,
more digging,
a little chipping of some other concrete,
lotsa toxic gluing,
running out for more parts,
tools everywhere,
and cleaning,

my washer works again.

i gotta wonder how come i get so tired when what i mostly
do is hover, ask a million questions and let out a few thousand
wows and look at thats.....

i did clean. and i did get down in the little ditch a bit.
and i held the toxic purple primer and the glue.

and i learned a ton.
i mean a ton.

between this, fixing the roof....and did i mention the dryer broke
and with the guidance of noah, i (we) took it all apart?!

so between the pipes, the roof and the dryer....i have learned
a ton. just a ton.

the biggest thing thru it all, and it seems to always be the biggest
lesson whenever i watch the guys tackle a house project -

don't be afraid of it.
take it apart, figure it out.
take it step by step.
if you don't know, ask someone who does.
be patient.
know it's gonna take time and effort and
be okay with that.

that's what my guys teach me over and over.

this morning i was thinking about it.....
that's a pretty nifty little list to take into your way of working with life,
isn't it?!

i gotta tell you.........i think i do exactly the opposite of every single one
of those things!! i'm sitting here eyes wide laughing and groaning.....

oh i mean, i can do all that on a good day. maybe. sometimes.
but on a rattled day? check this out -

i'm afraid of it. (my feelings, what's coming, not being able to deal with it)

i DO take it apart. that i do.

step by step, nah. i want to just whoosh thru, go right to the end.

think....well, that should be clarified - cause i'll think....but in the wrong direction
a lotta the time!!

won't talk to people about it. shut down.

certainly lose all patience.

afraid of any time and effort and just want it to be done.

and i'm not okay with it!

ohmygosh.....who knew the angle you need to come at working on the house
is the same angle you need to come at working on yourself?!

which is actually quite symbolic and wonderful, isn't it?!

ahhhhhhhh.......i'm workin' hard on learning to be a handyman....

think i'm gonna work on mixing the me and the house together.
this could be really really cool.

in the meantime, i think i'll do a load of laundry!
cause i can!

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Merry ME said...

I think you and the apes could write a "How To ..." book and sell a million copies. Cause with ya'll it's never just about fixing things. It's always about discovering, working together and laughing.