Monday, June 4, 2012

and she hung the gutter.....

okay, i swear, last of the home repair posts for awhile.....
but i just couldn't resist.....
cause i did most of the gutter hanging all by myself!
(and yes! you can's a little bit funky.......altho i've
been assured it's just cosmetically funky, not functionally there!)

wandering around lowes, i didn't even know where the gutter section was.
i had been in another lowes just the other day with my guy getting a lesson
in gutter clips. who knew there were different kinds of clips to hang your
gutter??? we had gone over the different options very seriously. he then
instructed me to check out what i had, figure out what i wanted, and go
from there. (and this stuff interests me now??? life is weird.)

so here i was, back in another lowes, having taken my gutter down,
having replaced some rotten wood (with much of my son's help) and deciding
all on my own that i'd like some fresh new whatever this stuff is that i pulled
off the rotten wood.

 i think it's called drip guard.

the drip guard was over with the shingles. i found it. and looked up at it.
and looked up.
and looked up.

uh oh.
they come in ten feet pieces.
uh oh.

i thought of my mustang in the parking lot.


i hesitated.
pictured my son's truck.
and then...
i grinned.
what the heck.
i'd make it work.

so i grabbed some of those big ol' tall things, some clips i wanted,
and some other REAL handyman things i needed.
REAL handyman things here for me now, babe.

never before had i used lowes for real.
everyone else had done that for me.
my at the time husband, my sons, my guy...
not me.
i go for plants, paint, and curtain hooks.

i tell ya, walking down the big ol' lumber aisle with my ten feet pieces
of drip guard stuff,  i felt good.

i refrained from telling the lady checking me out 'look! look! i'm gonna
do this all by myself!' but it took some effort to not do that.

i loaded up my mustang........with the really cool little hatchy thing in the
back seat that goes down, i could slip those babies right thru the trunk to
the front seat without a problem! ha!

my gutter's up. the drip guardy thing is up........and the house project stuff
is mostly cleaned up and put away.

granted, it took me about 30 times longer than it would have anyone else.
granted, i have one heck of a slant on my gutter.
granted, one of the clips is a little bit more crooked than i'd like.'s up!

and here's the's why i keep posting about this crazy stuff........
i'm about as uncoordinated and dopey a non-fixer as you get. it's totally a weak
part of who i've been so far. but i can see how it will so limit what happens
around me. i can see i need to strengthen that part of me.

i don't want to keep asking everyone around me to help me do things.
it's okay for some things. we all need each other. i know that.
but it's not okay for a large extent.

if i can't take care of this place on my own, then i don't think i should stay here.
and i want to stay here.
oh yeah, if i had money, i'd be fine with hiring people to do all this stuff.
oh yeah. i'd be good with that.
but that's not an option right now.
which actually turns out very cool.......because the only other choice is
to learn it and do it.

so i've decided........step up and do what you gotta do, ter.
learn what you gotta learn.
and try.
because it's your place now, girl.

and i just think that's the coolest thing.
life is pushing me to grow.
and this time it's not's in handyman form.
how fun is that?!

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