Monday, June 4, 2012

one heck of a good bad dream!

yet another dream......

and nah, you're safe, i won't type it out.

but here's why it's blog worthy -
it was the first time EVER (that i know of, anyway) that my inner child was in a dream.

she was walking. i didn't see the front of her. just from behind.
and no i didn't know it was her in the dream.
but when i woke up, i certainly did.

it actually wasn't a good dream.
it was an alert, i think.
you pay attention, not good stuff is happening and you need
to pay attention.

but that's good in its own way.
we all need alerts.

what i'm so thrilled about is how significant that part has become for me.
so significant she showed right on up in my dream!
she's talking to me big time.

i had never even heard of the 'inner child' ten years ago.
and now......i can't imagine life without her.
altho, i tend to push her aside an awful lot.

but now she's strong enough that she can holler out in different ways.
including dreams.

and that seemed like something worth sharing!

we just keep workin, we just keep tryin, we just keep on goin'....
and we grow.

somehow, without even knowing it, we grow.

i think that's just so darn awesome.

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