Thursday, May 31, 2012

whooshhhhhhh it washed all over me.....

i've been watching where i'm going and what's goin' on inside of me.
(see post below)

compassion has been doin' some kinda weird little thing inside of me.
i can't say i totally lost it. cause i didn't.
but i can say it hasn't been like normal inside of me,
and it hasn't felt 'right.'
and a whole lot of it has gone missing.

which is odd.
i'm usually a bundle of compassion.

so things like that are unnerving.
and you wonder 'will it ever really be back???'

and then out of the blue, bam.......there it came......rollin' all thru me.
man. overwhelmed me, it came flooding in so hard.

and here's how it came to me........

a note from a friend.
she's somewhat of a mentor for me as well as a friend.
she's wise and lived her way into that wisdom.

this is a piece of a note she wrote me this morning -
i'm not sure if these are her words or she snagged it from some
link she told me about....doesn't matter....

"The trick is to live from our healing and not from our wounds.
So many people get stuck in their woundedness and make it who they are.
There is power in our wounds.
They create great compassion and a huge carrying capacity.
With practice, we can take in some of the things that others experience
and help to transform them."

and then.....moments later she sent me another note.
she had sent me my note and then saw this on facebook
and came back to share it.....

'we are not meant to stay wounded. we are supposed to move through
our tragedies and challenges and to help each other move through the
many painful episodes of our lives. by remaining stuck in the power of
our wounds, we block our own transformation. we overlook the greater
gifts inherent in our wounds - the strength to overcome them and the
lessons that we are meant to receive through them. wounds are the means
through which we enter the hearts of other people. they are meant to teach
us to become compassionate and wise.'......caroline myss

so i read both these things and realized that i had been soooooo stuck
in my wounds. soooooo stuck. and i swear, all that's been goin' on inside
of me, all of it seemed to come together....the last piece i was looking for....
and i 'got it.' it was the final kick for the growth spurt.......

i understood i had been lost in my wounds, and i understood what these
quotes were talking about. and my heart opened like it hasn't in far too long.
and i think i'm forming something really cool inside of me that needed

thanking the universe for women out there who just keep helping me grow!


Pamela Jones said...

As so many other women thank the universe for you and for your work!

Susie Keeth said...

Yeah..... exactly what Pamela said!!