Wednesday, June 6, 2012

coming back into focus.....

in my head, this tidbit that i want to share this morning goes along with
the 'integration' theme. (see post below)

well, it does more than go along with takes it a step further!
and i'm ready to hear it today and think it's brilliant.

(altho i gotta say i wasn't ready just a bit ago, and even tho i may
have thought it was brilliant, i woulda had trouble even thinking of
attempting it. and i think that's okay. we are where we are, ya know?
today i'm ready!)

'It is not enough to recognize the larger order - we must love it.
We must not just look at it, but appreciate it, move toward it with awe,
and then, that awe emits its own gravity which pulls everything into view.
It is a gravity that confirms our place in the Universe. This is why
sincerity, curiosity, and gratitude are such strong, compelling tools of
the heart, which when inhabited, bring us back into the web of life
where we can feel how everything is connected.'

i've actually experienced this.
you would think experiencing something would be enough for you
to go back to it and remember in a heart beat, right??

seems my head can be pretty thick...

that piece above was written by mark nepo in his 'facing the lion,
being the lion.'

thank you, mark, for once again bringing me back into focus......


Sherry said...

That's awesome...I think I need to check out that book!

Merry ME said...

I've kind of been working on this ... I think we are all born to create. Sing, dance, write, paint, cook, et al.
But couldn't quite put my finger on why. Perhaps in the process of creating whatever it is we create we also create joy and love. By creating joy and love we reflect the same from our Divine Creator. With all that creating and reflecting we are also connecting with the rest of the world. In essence we've made "the web of life where we can feel how everything is connected." Like an orchestra, where some are flutes, some cellos, some drums and one or two a tuba. In those moments before the orchestra begins to play, when the conductor is still back stage warming up his conducting arm, the sounds from the individual instruments is anything but melodic. But once they begin to play all the notes are connected and music happens. When the music happens that joy, "sincerity, curiosity and gratitude" unite the audience.
You can extend that metaphor to paints on an artist's pallete, dancers in a ballet, words in a book, perhaps even to members of a sports team.
Making any sense?

terri said...

sherry! i am LOVING this book! i highly recommend it!

and mar! that's awesome! okay...i vot you do a blog on that. for real. that is just awesome!! blog material, mar! :)