Thursday, July 12, 2012

a different kinda day...

i found myself driving down the road early this morning.
early enough to see those glorious pink and orange clouds.

i stopped at a light that had a perfect view of them.
i just sat under those clouds, soaked them up, and felt like
i couldn't get enough of them.

i felt dehydrated and like the sky was my drink. 
i wanted more. more. more. more.
the rest of the drive was filled with drinking in the sky.

i wondered what on earth it was about a morning sky that moved me
like it did. and i realized how much i had missed it.

for lots of reasons, i haven't been walking in the mornings.
i'm not exactly sure when i'll get back to it, but this morning i  knew
i would have to before too long. you can't give up stuff that means
that much to you.

yeah, ter -

'you can't give up stuff that means that much to you.'

that's a great line.

and one i want to sit with today.........
cause i had already decided - today was a day i was gonna focus on
what i needed and what filled me.

it's too easy to put all that aside and just keep pluggin' away.

today is a non-pluggin' day for me.

it's a pay attention to what you need day.

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