Tuesday, July 10, 2012


yesterday was a typical work day.
i worked a long day, went thru my list of things to-do and kept
pluggin' away.
thru it all, there were connections with many different people.

at one point i got to wondering how on earth we're all able to get up
outta bed in the mornings.

there was the girlfriend who was dealing with major hurt in her relationship,
her insides whirling and her past hurts flashing thru her.
there was the young woman struggling thru a dark patch dealing with her incest,
confused, in pain, unsure of where to turn.
there was the friend dealing with her mom's alzheimers, and a major sacrifice she
needed to make for her family, tearing up as she got words for some of her feelings.
there was the man who had hit another hard wave of grief over the loss of his wife
and realized he hadn't even really held her death yet.
there was the woman who had a story so horrific it hit the top of the horrific story list.

seriously, i got to wondering how we all stand up.

and i got to thinking about how incredible the human being is.

it is no small feat to face another day for so many of us at so many different times.

this morning i'm in a bit of awe.
i see the pain all around. i see that.
and a lotta times i have trouble seeing past that.

but this morning, that's not what's in focus for me.
what's in focus is the strength.
and how not one of those people realized that's what they were showing me yesterday.

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