Friday, August 10, 2012

ahhhhhh, the rain.........

it's raining.
it's pouring.
and it's gone on for more than three minutes.

and i can't stop watching it.

we've been really dry here.
there's been rain hitting the area a bit here and there,
but we seem to be a little pocket that's missed it all.
any time we've gotten any, it's been for just a couple of minutes
and then it stops. and that's only been a couple of times.

it's almost heartbreaking to watch it come in and leave like that.

several times i've wondered what it would be like to be a farmer,
just standing there looking for the rain that doesn't come.

and this morning - it's pouring.

i listen to the sound, watch it bouncing up and down on the street,
and feel the relief of finally seeing water.

it's been one heck of a summer. intensely hot, intensely dry,
and at this point feeling like it's gone on forever.

i stood there watching that rain thinking about that.
thought about some of the stuff that goes on in my life that feels
like this summer stretch.....just long and hard with little tiny spots
of relief that leave before they get a chance to get started.

oh yes. we know those stretches well.

and then finally........oh so breaks.
and we can feel the pouring in of another feeling.
the incredible relief that whatever's been hovering around us and in us
has moved on.

it happens. those stretches do end.
and this morning the rain is such a gorgeous reminder of that.

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