Monday, August 6, 2012

pickin' up the choices

the cold water was flowing over me.
it felt so so so good to cool down.

it's too warm to sleep around here, let alone exercise.
yet i had gotten some of both in and felt good about that.

as the coolness soaked in my veins, i thought of the choices
life pushed me into.

i wouldn't exercise if i didn't need to.
i'd sleep late and eat a lot and be lazy.
but the thing is, that feels cruddy. to feel good, i gotta watch
what i eat and move around a bit. it's not really a choice.

if i want this, i gotta do that.

i thought of my work.
it's been so challenging lately.
finally tho, it hit a new level of challenging and THAT is what
has forced me outta my box. finally, finally, i'm doing things i need
to do that i wouldn't have done if not pushed. and it actually feels
good somewhere deep under it all.

it's another 'if i want this, i gotta do that.'
if i want to eat, well, then i gotta make this work.

as i dried off, i kept thinking about choices. even just how we approach
things is a choice - our attitudes we bring to the table.

it was good timing as i came down to my computer and a group email
exchange i was doing with two others. and i had to laugh, i was the only
one having a good time with it.

i noticed and thought about choices.
i think i can pull it off know, pay attention.
and make good ones. it seems to be resting in my mind in a good way today.

i want to stop whining and grumbling and start thinking 'okay, this is a choice,
what do i do now?' that truly changes everything.

i know that. but haven't been doing it lately.
actually, i've been doin' a whole lot of whining lately.
that gets old.

putting the whining down and pickin' up the choices.
great way to start the week!

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