Tuesday, August 7, 2012

you gotta start with yourself...

life's a darn yo yo.
or maybe i just haven't been strong enough lately to ride
the bumps smoother so that i'm forever goin' up and down up and down.

i wouldn't say i'm up and i wouldn't say i'm down right now.
i'm right in the middle on that yo yo string. not sure which way i'm
headin' - up or down.

kinda depends on what i do with my mood this morning.

and since the next thing on my list is exercise, i have hope for headin'
up the string.

in yet another attempt to go up, i grabbed my angel cards.
my eyes got big when i pulled the word 'power.'

that's a good one.
ter, remember the power inside of you.

i flipped open the book to read what she had to say about it, and
she talks of 'the three major aspects of spiritual energy in your own life' -
resilience, empathy and grace.

resilience, empathy and grace.

wow....i didn't know it, but as soon as i read those three words i woulda
told you that i feel a bit low on all three of them.

the words really hit.
i wonder if there were three other words would i have felt like my tank
was low on them? i tried a few out. yeah, maybe....i don't know.......they
just didn't hit like these did. i guess i could add other words. but there's
some magic in these three.

no wonder life feels like a yo yo.

so how do you refill your tank with these things?

and for me, an answer came quickly......you gotta start with yourself, ter.
what you're not giving yourself is wearin' on you and you're having trouble
offering it elsewhere.......and it's emptyin' your tank.

gosh that feels right.
you gotta start with yourself.


Amy said...

Oh yeah, that speaks to me a lot right now. I was thinking about our chat about the roller coaster ride of life...and now I am thinking about the yo yo string. But yesterday I got a strong visual of being on a seesaw/teeter totter and you remember trying to get it to stay perfectly balanced...with a friend on the other end...seeking balance is where I am right now.

terri said...

good to see you, amy! seeking balance....if you find it, let me know? guide it my way???? :)