Monday, September 24, 2012


i sat on my front stoop this morning specifically to spend some
quiet time thanking the universe for the gift of my son, noah.

it's his birthday today.

it's been quite a weekend.
filled with celebrating.

seems like each day since friday had a different flavor of that ol'
family bonding stuff. and each flavor was delightful.

and we're not done yet!

which is fitting because this guy deserves a whole lotta celebrating.

as i sat outside, looking at the sky, thanking the universe,
my gaze fell to my yard. and yeah, my eyes got misty.

i could see them.
my kids.
when they were small.

running around in that yard like puppies let loose.
i used to love to watch them run and laugh and squeal.

i pictured noah thru the stages of growin'.....and marveled at how
that tiny little guy grew into my gentle giant.

and you know what i can't figure out?
how it works.
how it is that noah came to us with such a gentle spirit?
he was born with it and he carries it today.

just as i've seen his brothers born with their spirits and how they
carry theirs into adulthood.

i wonder how that works.

i look back at noah thru the stages and marvel at how it was there
with him thru all the growing.

people who knew him when he was little comment on it.
people who have just met him now comment on it.

what a gift his spirit has been.
it's particularly moving to me this morning as i know this is his last bday
here. and i think of that spirit headin' out to the world. and how lucky
the world is to have him.

and how lucky i have been to have shared this part of the journey with him.

who knew all those years ago when he showed up how lucky we really were?
i felt pretty darn blessed when he was born.
i felt about as thrilled as thrilled can be.

and that was before i even knew him.

and now....what an honor it is to know him.

and....well.........there's just a whole lot to celebrate today.

happy birthday, noah!

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Merry ME said...

Awesome tribute to an apple who doesn't fall too far from his tree.