Wednesday, October 3, 2012

celebrating him

so it's his birthday.
and i'm celebrating him being here.

rolling into his birthday entangled with some of the best kinda appreciation
for him, i keep thinking about how there isn't anyone else on the planet who
gets to see  his heart like i do.

i mean.........that's amazing.
how cool is that?!

to be the one let in.

i'm sure we all have someone or have had someone in our life like that.

and yeah, 'have had' happens all the time.
we can lose this gift so quickly.
sometimes just temporarily.
sometimes forever.

and i know that.

and i don't want to take that lightly or forget that.
cause one way or another, i will lose it sooner or later.
so i want to live it while i've got it.

and here's the weird thing.....
while i feel like i know this man better than anyone else,
i feel like there's soo much i don't know.
i am so serious.
there's so much more i really want to know.

and i think keeping that in the front of my mind is really important.

because when i do, i find myself ASKING more instead of assuming

one time, with this thought in mind, i asked him what he thought.
i said something like 'you know, i just assume i know what you think about this,
but will you tell me so i can be sure?'

and guess what?

i was dead wrong!
dead wrong.
and this was about something i was sure of.

and i see that all the time with people towards me.
the constant assumptions that are wrong. it happens constantly with me
as i lay so much of myself out there, that many people just assume things.....
it doesn't feel good at all.

how can i be doing that to someone i love?
oh gosh.
it's more like how can i NOT???
we do it all the time.
that's the way life works, i guess.
assumptions have to be made a lot of the time.
but not as much as we make them!
that's the work, that's what we have to look at.......

not assuming.
not knowing.

so i thought in honor of this man's birthday, i'd throw that out there today
and challenge everyone who reads this to not assume about one person you love today.
just one person.
ASK them when you're about to assume.
open your eyes to them instead of already coloring in what they look like.
learn about them instead of knowing about them already.

wouldn't that be a cool thing to do today?
in honor of my man!
oh yes!


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