Tuesday, October 2, 2012


okay, so ms. clarissa is rockin' my world right now.

again, listening to her audio as i'm working, she says something
that makes me go 'ooooooooohhhhhh.'

well, let's face it.......she says A LOTTA things that make me go 'oooooooohhhhhhh.'

but this particular thing got me kinda excited to be more aware.

she's talking about what we surround ourselves with.
how we need to pay close attention to what we surround ourselves with,
and how we can lift ourselves up by those very things.

thoughts and ideas and things we dwell on. that kinda stuff.

she said that when looking at this kinda thing and choosing
we can ask these questions -

how is this useful to me?

how is this goodness?

what does this bring that will increase imagination and creativity
that i can use to solve problems?


so i don't do that.

i might say something like 'okay, that's kinda negative, gonna let that one go.'

but i think that's prolly about it.

i love these questions!

gosh, all those self doubts i feed.......
all the fears...
all that gunk.

can you imagine getting in the habit of saying 'how is this useful to me?'

and then saying.........'be gone.'

that's what she said we have to do to the thoughts that don't serve us.

be gone.

how strong and clear is that?!

oh yes.

this will be fun to give a whirl!
had to share.....

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