Thursday, October 4, 2012

let's push her over the top!!!

at the time i'm writing this post, her total is at $9,120!

i'm hoping by the time this blog posts, that number is even higher!
(oh, heck, i couldn't stand it...i had to post right now!)

what number??? you ask.

lynn's number!

lynn is one of my closest and dearest friends.
THE person who has walked thru the mud with me.
THE person who saved my life years ago.
my tea buddy.
my 'let's get together and cry' buddy.
my 'this is so bad we gotta laugh' buddy.

and she's been doin' a kickstarter project.

me and my guys were in on her very first brainstorming session
on how to do it.

 noah and zakk created her vid for her!

and we've been rootin' her on ever since.

not just cause she's a friend.
not just cause she's such a close friend.
but because she's GOOD.

she's really one heck of a musician.

i've watched her for a long time now.
she used to sing with another woman years back.
they were good.
and i enjoyed them.

but it wasn't until lynn went solo that i saw her burst forth and bloom.

my gosh.
and every time i think she just can't get any better, she gets more amazing.

and the really cool thing? i know her pretty well, ya know?
we share all the heartaches and all the confusion of life and the
self doubts and the triumphs and the joys.

so knowing all that and hearing her belt out her music from her very
soul.......gosh, i can't listen without crying.


when i'm done sitting thru one of her shows, i feel like i just completed
a really intense therapy session.

she hits soo many things deep inside of me.
she speaks to so many parts of me.
she makes me remember what counts.

here's the deal.......she's good.
she's awesome good.
i've seen people with completely different musical tastes stop and say how good she is.
i've never ever seen anyone not enjoy her music.

and with a kickstarter, you can actually just pre-order the cd.
it's not a donation where you don't get anything. get the cd!!!

if you haven't been by and checked her out........
head on over.

check out the vid the guys made for her.
and there's a link to her site where you can hear more of her if you like.

let's get lynn over the top!
want to??
click right here!~

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