Tuesday, October 23, 2012


ohmygosh, you guys!

i found the most beautiful thing!

and we all know where that'd be.
because i keep finding beautiful things there.....
i think i need an acronym for things i find thru mark nepo as i bring him up so often!
we can just have MND for mark nepo days!  :)

this time he's quoting other people.....and i swear this one just feels like such a gift.
i think probably because i've lived with a different definition of this word for a life time
and this feels not only like a breath of fresh air, it feels like an insight into being truly alive.
amazing how things get can so twisted up and icky........when the original stuff is so good!

okay........it starts out with the best sentence -

sacrifice originally meant to make sacred.

did you know that???
i sure didn't!

okay, ready?
here we go.......

'Sacrifice originally meant to make sacred. As Rabbi Alan Lew tells us, the original
notion of sacrifice focused on giving up a layer of self in order to draw closer to the
transcendent. In effect, the notion was that if you give up or shed an outer layer of skin,
the sacred can touch you. Over time, the notion of sacrifice has been distorted to mean
self-suppression or self-denial or even self-annihilation for the love of others.

The work of true sacrifice has always been, as Saki Santorelli says, "The pull of the
soul toward what is possible" once we shed "the pull of the past toward what as been
conditioned." This is our ever-present challenge. In deep, original ways, giving up our
conditions in order that the sacred can touch us is the process of individuation. It involves
giving up layers of ego in order to be fully touched by life. We could say that sacrifice
means giving up what no longer works in order to stay close to what is sacred.'

that's me on the floor again.

this man is forever making me fall on the floor.

i just thought that was awesome.
and something to carry thru life.

i'm forever resistant to the changes that living brings.
after reading this, i'm thinking i ought to dive into change more and
open to it on my own much more readily. as opposed to digging in
and making life kick me in the face with the changes.......

just had to share....
may your soul be pulled to what is possible today.....

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