Tuesday, November 13, 2012

angels and leprechauns

and so there we were, in the ER again...only this time
in the waiting room. standing at the front desk, hoping they already
knew he was to be admitted.

as we stood there and waited i saw the older gentleman sitting there.
i smiled at him. he smiled back.

i turned back to the desk.

i heard him ask the young man, the only other person  in the waiting room,
if he needed any help with his paperwork. the young man didn't. my back
was to them. but i smiled anyway. what a nice guy to even offer, i thought.

we got ushered right into the next room and then on to the next room
and then finally on to the real room.

it was hours and hours later when i stood at the desk and asked how
on earth i'd ever find my car again. i got the directions and turned
to get on the elevator.

who should be getting on with me, but that same elderly man i saw
when i first walked in. he asked about my 'husband' i smiled and filled
him in and i found out about his wife. i said goodbye as i got off the elevator.
and promptly took a wrong turn.

standing there looking beat and confused and trying really hard to remember
what the gal at the desk had told me, the sweet man, who by now reminded
me of a leprechaun in his little green suit coat, asked me where i wanted to go.
i told him and he said he'd walk me out.

i smiled, thanked him, and he took me right on out into a place i recognized.
before i could tell him how wonderful he was, he was off talkin' to another person.
i left with a smile on my face and a thought in my head.

he was right there. he was exactly there when i needed him.
i was so so so tired. and all those darn doors and hallways looked the same.
i was headin in the wrong direction, and there he was.
just smiling and helping me out.
that happens to me ALL the time.
right when i need it, there's help.
it's like my world is covered in angels and leprechauns.
and i sooooo want to live like i know that.
i want to just know that magic is around me all the time.
sometimes i do.
sometimes i forget.
sometimes i get too tired to remember.

i ran home.
work was waiting.
i started filling orders, still thinking about this.

thinking about how i've watched the different ways that our really deep
underlying feeling operates in our lives.

i've watched a lotta people and how they approach the world.

some view the world as a place to meet problem after problem,
some view it as a dog- eat-dog kinda place, some view it as a competition,
some view it as there will never be enough.
there's a million different views. including the magic one.

i want to live the magic one, i thought.
i want to view the world as filled with angels and leprechauns.

and then.....sure enough..........because this is how magic works.....
as i was thinking of all this,
the phone rang. i couldn't grab it as my hands were filled. so i had to call
back. it was a customer needing help.

but you know.......it was way more than that.
cause my life is filled with magic.
it was one heck of an awesome woman.
showing up at the most perfect moment.
touching me right in the spot that needed touching.

there's a place inside me right now that needs some attention.
it has to do with the divine feminine. i've been watching it.
knowing there's some searching i have to do in that area.
feeling this space inside me that i want to sit with and haven't.
and here's this woman, a wonderful wise woman calling me
who launches right into a divine feminine conversation with me.
i smiled.
talk about magic.
there she was, reminding me of my path, reminding me of my passion.
taking all the fatigue and lifting it from my shoulders.

i just sunk back in my chair and inhaled her.
she was exactly what i needed. exactly when i needed her.

of course.
cause that's the way life works.
angels and leprechauns. they're everywhere.
if you let them in.


Merry ME said...

Smiling at your magic!
Hope that man of yours is AOK soon.

terri said...

thanks, mary!!

Anonymous said...

You are an angel. so it's no surprise you are surrounded by them!

terri said...