Thursday, November 15, 2012

a new ritual...well, and old one....but a new one for me....

i was so touched by my little a candle
for me the other nite.......when i needed it so much and he didn't even realize how much...
i decided that i was gonna start doing this on a regular basis - light a candle for people.
at nite. when i was done doin' all the busy craziness of the day.
whenever i could.

i wrote myself a note to remember as i get so side tracked i have trouble keeping up with myself.

and not long after that what should happen but another friend come thru and literally asked
me to light a candle for her.

i glanced down at the note i had just written.

are you kidding me?!

i should be used to this stuff by now.....but i swear, sometimes it's just too cool.
talk about perfect timing.
gosh, sometimes that's just too weird.

what was cool about this was i started noticing stuff in my heart.
maybe because i knew i'd be sitting quietly soon and i wanted to bring myself to that place
as open as possible. not sure. but i started paying attention.

and my gosh, there was some rough stuff floating around in my heart.

i watched it thru out the evening.

wow, i kept thinking.
i gotta light a candle for my heart as well.

when it was nice and quiet, i grabbed my candle holder that holds three candles.
quietly i lit each one thinking of several different friends that needed light right then
and including my own heart in on the deal.

there is something so healing about sitting with a candle.
i thought of how much it meant to me to be quietly remembered the nite before,
and so i sat and quietly thought of my friends. and held them right there in my living room.
and left a space open for my heart.

there's something really powerful about it.

i think i just started a new one for myself.

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Sherry said...

I like that Terri...I might adopt that too...