Friday, December 21, 2012

extra shimmering

i had heard some news from a friend that was heart breaking.
i went up to my living room, lit a whole buncha candles and just
lay down on the couch and looked at them.

my christmas tree was lit, the room was dark except for the
candle lights and the tree.

i just lay there, not thinking much. just looking at the light.

i was holding hard to the image of light in the dark.

after awhile i got up and played with my camera.
took pictures of the candles. then went on to taking pictures
of things sparkling in the darkness.

i wanted to just capture the sparkle.

of course, i couldn't.
and that was kinda cool too.

finishing up, i got in the shower.
just wanted to wash the sadness off.
i forgot it was the best place in the world
for thoughts to come thru.

and sure enough i thought of the stars inside me.

i thought of that visual i like to work with.
and the thought came thru that now, more than ever,
i needed to let those stars shine.
they needed to sparkle in the darkness.

now, more than ever, we needed all the light we could get.

i pictured the stars doin' an extra zappy shimmering kinda thing.

and i wondered how on earth i really do that.
how do i make them extra zappy shimmery?
for real?

we've all got 'em, ya know?
we've all got those stars inside us.
and i truly truly think we so need to let them shine right now.
i'm gonna concentrate on that.

keep thinking of that all thru the rest of the season.
maybe it'll become a habit to be aware of those stars
and letting them shine.

i wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to join me.
want to?
the world needs it right now.


Zenchick said...

I will. And I don't think we should stop. Ever.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm in...and I'm with Zenchick!!!

Merry ME said...

Sounds like the stars inside are dancing to the music of life.
Love the idea of you shimmering - or would that be shimmying?