Friday, December 7, 2012

i just want to be part of it, darn it.

this story tickled my funny bone.
prolly because i have a pea brain for a funny bone.
(or something like that)

i decided i needed to concentrate on some fun.
i REALLY do.
and so i'm going to.

i put on some of my favorite holiday music today,
have done some random acts of kindness and am just
focusing on the fun.

i posted up on facebook a comment about a dream i had.

it's kinda funky weird.
i dreamed that some lights went out and i didn't have any light bulbs.
i woke up for the morning right after that.
i reached over to turn my lamp on and POOF the light bulb burnt out!


grinnin' here.

it was really really neat and i got a kick out of it.
so looking for the fun that only facebook can provide sometimes,
i posted that on my wall.

and yeah, my goofball friends showed up with silly answers,
real answers, goofin' answers. the whole deal.
just what i was looking for.

but i laughed out loud when the local hardware store commented
and said it meant i needed to stop by for some light bulbs!

i just so laughed with glee!

i had 'liked' them ages ago cause they're an independent store
and i wanted to be supportive. i commented on their wall at that
time that i loved them and that was it.

who knew they'd ever show up with a comment?

it just totally made me laugh.

and then josh walked in with the red star cake his brothers and i had
ordered for him for his gig tonite. he had on his red top hat, and red
holiday sweater (for the ugly sweater contest later that evening)
we had been up at the store yesterday goofin' with the bakery ladies
and talkin' about the red star. apparently josh was a hit with them when
he came in looking like he did.

i clapped my hands in delight as i listened to him.

we had gone up earlier today to get balloons for a friend and we
were talkin' with the balloon lady. i went out of my way to be extra friendly
because i needed it. i needed to be friendly and to remember that life was
friendly and fun. and she was great in return.

why do i post all this stuff?
because i keep going back and forth between the heavy and frustrating
and the joyful and loving......

and today as i was packing up some stuff i thought..........darn it,
i just want to believe in the magic of life.

i just want to be part of it, darn it.

and i feel like i'm gonna just hop in today and this weekend.
cause it's there.
why the heck wouldn't i????

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Anonymous said...

Well I, for one, am thrilled to read about your fun stuff. It is a great balance to some of the hard stuff you talk about. And I hope you went and bought some light bulbs!