Friday, February 22, 2013


it was a day filled with magic from start to finish.

i noticed it right away with a story with a friend.
one of those woo-woo stories that you shake your head
in wonder at the magic of it all.

and then that magic just kept on rolling.

i watched it and delighted it in.
and i went with it.
i so totally went with it.
was one of the best days i've had in a long time.
and quite a contrast to the day before.
it felt good and i was grateful for that.

and then, just before closing down my computer,
i checked my mail. and there was a note from someone
mentioning my book 'fabric of her dancing shoes.'
she mentioned a page number.

curious, i grabbed the book to see what was on that page.

i smiled.
it was exactly what i needed to read.

of course.

i wanted to share it here......

it's a 'message' i got one nite years ago while taking a shower.
yeah. showers are a magical place for me and many cool thoughts
come thru there. never tho had i gotten one as long as this or as definite as this.
i still remember when it happened. i was filled with this message.
i got right out and wrote it down.

"there is stuff going on that i cannot comprehend and don't need to.
the parts i can see scare me because they threaten me in some of my
most vulnerable spots.

drop the fear.
i am loved beyond anything i can imagine.
it's a love that's beyond us, that surrounds us, that is inside of us.

being loved is something that exists in spades and there's no need to fear
the lack of that. i do not need to see it manifested around me in particular

it's there.
see it or not.

i need to know that in my bones. trust it, and offer myself with a full
and open heart to this stuff that's going on that i can't comprehend.

if i don't trust it, i will find myself in fear.

when i'm in fear, i wont' be able to open the way i'm needed to open right now.

so trust is vital.
an open heart is vital right now.

give it and you will not regret it.

give it and you will give life.
give it and you will get life."

i really needed that.
thought maybe someone else might too.
so thought i'd share......

here's to seeing the magic, and dancing with it!
may we all do that more often!

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Diane Stefan said...

Thank you for this. . .perfect timing, yesterday's magic turned into a good night's sleep and that turned into a magical ice-covered morning, I almost danced on my walk. . .danced with the magic (but my lack of grace might have moved magic into injury) and took pictures and was grateful for the beauty. . .some of the magical beauty was in me as well. . .