Wednesday, February 20, 2013

spaces part two

i swear.
my mouth went wide open and my eyebrows went right up.

i've been thinking about 'spaces' (see posts below)

and i took a tea break with my mark nepo book,
'the exquisite risk'  and turned right to this.

'As the great Jewish philosopher Martin Buber contends,
it is the space between us that holds everything. This ever-changing
space between is the ground of relationship, where barely visible
threads are spun from what it means to be human. It is the web
of relationship spun in the space between that holds us up. It is
in this vital space between living things that the faces of God appear.'

no kidding.
i mean, no no no kidding.

i still have no clue what this space stuff is about.
but you know.....i'm thinking it's something to really really really
check out. and i was kinda thinking the same thing about the
faces of god. i mean, no kidding!

i don't even want to add any more to this blog.
i just want to leave a place for us to think about this......

cause i'm thinking this whole idea is awesome cool.

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Diane Stefan said...

Wow, got a lot of thinking to do - this really sparked my mind today - thanks Terri!! Awesome