Tuesday, February 19, 2013


so i took a quick break with my girlfriend and we talked
a bit about fearlessness. (see post below)

but what got my attention was the idea of the space
where fearlessness happens.

she's one of the first people to really bring 'spaces'
to my attention.

she told me years ago that i was a 'space maker'....
that i opened spaces for people to feel safe in.

i totally loved that idea.
had never thought of it before.
and have since played with that concept a bit.
and i gotta admit, if i could be a writer, artist or
space maker.....i think i'd choose space maker.

but i'm thinking there's a whole art to that. a whole
world i haven't explored.

then recently i was telling her something about a space
between two emotions that i was feeling. i was feeling the
two emotions strongly, but i could see the magic was
in the space between them. that there was something there
- in that space - that i had never noticed before. that it
felt like a place to explore.

i didn't even know how to explain it, but knew somehow
she'd get what i meant.

and she did.

so there we were once again with the space idea in front of us.

she was struggling with some of her own fears.
and so i mentioned this moment where i turned away from my fears.
and how that space was a place i didn't like.
i found it really uncomfortable and a place i didn't like to be.
but i had been thinking that maybe that space is really the place
where our fearlessness begins.

and that maybe i was looking at that space all wrong.
that maybe it was indeed the place of magic.

do i even know what i'm talking about?
not at all.
it's all new to me.
and stuff that just wisps thru my fingers and isn't anything
concrete i can hold.

but it excites me.
i think there's something to it.
i think there's another world to explore that exists inbetween all the other
stuff i think is real. and that i've been missing it my whole life. i've been
looking right past it.

the spaces in between our emotions, in between our actions,
in between the things we think are real.

could they be the places that birth the magic?
could they be something we could explore?

i'm really curious.


Sherry said...

This new idea is exciting. It reminds me of one of your bonesighs that I have as my desktop pic:
"dark is the thing before magic happens"

Sherry said...

Oh, another thing: In celtic paganism there is the concept of "the time between." Those moments between night and dawn, and dusk and night, those are considered magical times. And also when circles are cast for ritual it is considered "between the worlds."

I've always understood the reason for the power of these times of threshold stemming from the transformation inherent in them. Maybe there's something about that in the spaces you're contemplating too. The potential for transformation?

terri said...

ohhhh sherry! what would i do without you? i love that.....the potential for transformation! i love love love that! thank you!!