Monday, May 6, 2013

a weekend of moments

there are moments when i'm more aware than others.
not sure what brings those on, or what sparks them....
but i like them - the being aware moments.
cause i catch glimpses of how full life is.
and i think that's a good thing to see -

i think gratitude bubbles up in those moments.
or maybe it bubbles down.
cause it touches something real deep and quiet and important.

it was a weekend of those moments.
it was a weekend of very real human love in so many different forms.
it was a weekend of being aware of the journey of life.

moments stood out in my mind - like the pause as i waited for her answer
if she was doin' okay. the question coming after catching something in her story,
something in her voice.

or the thinking before answering something that i knew was really pulling at them.

their looking at my face to read me, the care in their eyes.

our hug, maybe the first one ever, where we were really saying 'gosh, it's hard
sometimes, but we just keep going.' and knowing we were saying goodbye.

his reaching across and wiping a tear from my face as we drove.

our laughter,
her mushiness,
his kisses,
the water fight,
the kitchen horseplay.

the drives,
the talks,
the understanding and the misunderstanding
the miscommunications,
the missed chances.

and the love.

over and over the love showed up.

the love shows up.

this weekend i showed up as well, and danced with that love.
two feet in, and one heart wide open.

'you've come a long way' he said as the weekend came to a close.
and i nodded.

and with any luck, i've got a long way to go
and a lot more moments to be aware in.

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Diane in AR said...

looks like you got an awareness adjustment and he noticed it and you noticed it and you both rejoiced. . .thanks for sharing