Thursday, June 27, 2013

he just never fails me....

if it weren't so peaceful and soothing,
it'd be too darn freaky weird.

i  haven't picked up my mark nepo book in weeks.
just days ago i had that shift i talked about here....
where i understood that each moment holds the yin and the yang.
(see a few posts below)

all was quiet in the i grabbed mark's book
(the exquisite risk) and what should i read???

'My friend Rob Lehman has wisely concluded that 'the heart's
experience of Wholeness is the radical awareness that each part
contains the Whole.'

something inside me melted when i read that.
that's dead on what i experienced -
radical awareness that each part contains the whole.

and part of me just melted....

the part of me that needed to connect so badly.

how peaceful and soothing to find a book that makes you feel less alone.
how peaceful and soothing to feel understood.

i sat there for a few minutes just holding that.

and then flipped back to something i had read a few minutes before that.
i read it again and just sat with it.

wanted to share with you -

'I used to think that the reward for knowing truth was wisdom, and in some
ways, it is. But more deeply, if we can enter truth, the reward is joy. Indeed,
joy lives inside the blues. and you have to sing them open so the joy can fly out.
This is why holding things in is so dangerous. We are human instruments and
experience plucks our strings and our feelings are the notes. If we don't sing
them open, they build up and batter the heart from the inside out - til we explode.
So it's never been about singing well, just singing. This is the difference between
entertainment and staying alive.'

while i value mark's wisdom beyond anything i could ever describe...
i think what i'm most grateful for is that his books always make me feel connected
just when i think nothing will.

had to share.....

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Diane Stefan said...

smiling with you, happy for your peace - love when an author can do that. . .