Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a simple sentence....

there we sat, outside with the gray skies above us.
it was cool enough i had a button down shirt thrown over my tee shirt.
the breeze was blowing. it'd spit rain here and there.
was this really august??

when i had arrived, she was there already and had gotten my drink.
i felt such overwhelming love for her, i ran in to get a piece of cake for her
to celebrate her being here!

we sat out at the table sipping our drinks and nibbling the piece of cake and
catching each other up on the second half of the stories we had left off on
the last time we were together.

it was friendship at its best.

and we got to talking about darkness.
and how sometimes it happens where there's a place in life where we actually
pick the darkness. we talked of the different ways this happened.
how sometimes we didn't know, but had a feeling -
and how sometimes we darn well knew.

and then she said something.
it was so simple, i wonder if it will hit anyone else.
it totally hit me.
she said - 'there's reasons the bad choices are bad choices.'

that's it.
that was the sentence.
and you know what?

i loved that sentence.

there's reasons the bad choices are bad choices.'

this hit home for both of us as we were seeing some bad results from
some bad choices and the thought made an impact.

we were talking about some pretty big bad choices.
but later thinking about it, it fit for all the bad choices i could think of.
even the 'small' stuff.
and i got to thinking how the small stuff is the sneaky stuff.

you can make a million bad small stuff choices....and think they're no big deal
cause they're small. they're not like that big bad decision over there.
thing is....i don't think it works that way.

and. and. and.
i think this includes our thoughts as well.

do we choose to think dark thoughts?

of course we do.

and i've watched myself choosing thoughts that don't help me.
and i've told myself i've chosen them and i need to choose something else
and i've seen how hard it is to change them at times.
sometimes it feels almost impossible.

'almost' being a key word there.

i've seen people sink in dark thoughts and never come out.

i've seen the whole range of  dark thoughts do the whole range of
things they can do.

it's not just the big choices to head into the darkness we have to be
aware of, is it?

there are reasons bad choices are bad choices.
and i guess it goes both ways -
there's reasons good choices are good choices.

seems like something to keep in mind.

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