Thursday, August 8, 2013

the bears are on the loose!

this is a pretty big morning.
this is an awesome awesome miraculous morning.

i will be meeting with sue in just a little bit.
for anyone who came late, sue was the subject of a few posts here.
she was terribly terribly sick with cancer. only 37 years old,
and looking like she wasn't going to make it.
in a last ditch effort she got into one of those clinical trials at NIH.
as i remember now, they were seriously NOT going to allow her in.
but sue's a fighter......and she got herself in there.

and my gosh what she had to go thru.
i visited a couple times and it was so so so hard for her.
and all the time wondering if she'd make it or not.

i asked here and on fb and everywhere i could for people to send
healing and stars and love and energy and anything positive they could.
and we got people the whole world over involved.

and now.......she's passed the FOUR MONTH mark of being finished
with the study and the doctors are describing her healing as miraculous.
yes, i know they had something to do with it.
yes. i know.
but yes, i know we did too.
and sue herself got herself thru like no one else could.
when she could barely walk down the hallway of the wing she was
isolated to for a month, she was still stopping other patients who were
walking that same hallway and checking on them and rooting them on.
her persistence in keeping others in mind was astounding.

today we meet and together we are going to design her thanksgiving cards.

sue is planning her thanksgiving cards.

let's just stop for a moment and think of what that means.
she's here.
and she's planning ahead.

that blows my mind, delights me to no end, and makes my heart soar!

it's a miraculous morning this morning.
one that can remind us to keep our problems in perspective,
and for those of us with huge problems no matter what the perspective,
it's a morning to hold the hope that sue's story offers.

i'm thinking there's gonna be a racket at panera this morning.
sue calls us the bears (suebear and terbear) and i'm thinking the
bears are gonna be roarin' big time!
what a joy!


Diane Stefan said...

Oh my goodness - Panera must have rocked with 'bears' in the house!!! How awesome is that?? Well, it's not anywhere near as awesome as the miracle of Sue!! So happy, so thankful she is doing so well and that you shared her with us on her bumpy journey. . .glad the road ahead is full of anticipation and joy!!

Sue Scott said...

Love you, dear star sender. You were there for my journey too. I love getting to see some of yours as well. Bear hugs! Terri----- thank you for this. And the gifts bestowed me yesterday. I loved that we were together for 3 minutes before we started giggling over those pictures on my iPad. hahahaa. Man, who woulda thunk we'd be in such a joyous place on that day? Life's unpredictability. and miracles. thanks for being part of it all. a BIG part of it all. And thanks for the joy your friendship brings. Bears for life baby!!! Heeheheee.