Monday, November 18, 2013

a reminder i keep needing to hear.....

i love it when i get reminded that attitude is everything.

i know it is.
and i forget it.
i get swallowed up in other stuff sometimes.

this weekend i had such a mix of getting swallowed up,
pulling myself out and being present,
and then later, rockin' an attitude that made great things happen.

had to make a call i was dreading.
dreading cause the person can be pretty cranky and trying,
but they're alone and i know they're lonely and the call matters.

i really really didn't want to do it tho.
she'd been extra cranky lately.
dragged my feet as long as i could then took a deep breath,
and dived in with laughter and smiles and funny stories and one heck
of a good attitude.

she responded miraculously.
i hung up the phone and threw my hands in the air.
WHEN are you gonna just REMEMBER THIS, ms terri?!!
attitude is everything!!

as i look back at my weekend,
i can see the differences in the moments where i let loose with the
great attitude.....and the parts where i struggled with letting inner stuff
grab me and sink me under.

i'm not saying we gotta be 'up' all the time -
but i did notice the choices i made this weekend.
and they were choices.
about how i reacted and where i focused.
some were harder than others to make - all mattered.

while there were some rough patches,
the weekend was full to the brim with beautiful gifts of living.
and that's what enabled me to pull myself outta some of the darker spots -
i saw that. i never lost sight of that.

and i'm seeing how much that matters.
we really are surrounded with important choices constantly.
and i just keep whispering to myself - attitude is everything.

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