Friday, November 15, 2013

and the memory popped in.....

i'm pretty sure this one isn't gonna make much sense....
but what the heck-

i was exercising the other day and a memory popped into my head.
it's very long, complicated and pretty interesting,
but to save you, i'll nutshell it -

i was in a group years and years ago where there was
something happening hidden behind the scenes.
only two people knew about it.
i did not.
i didn't even have a clue stuff was goin' on.

or so i thought.

and then i had a really vivid dream that involved some
of these people. it didn't make sense to me, but it was so
strong of a dream, i told one of the members of the group about it.
to me, it was just a really odd dream that made no sense.
but for this person i took it to, who knew about the hidden
stuff goin' on in the group - it spelled it all out exactly.
it was exactly what was goin' on, only kinda mixed in with
symbols instead of people.

when he explained it all to me, we were both a bit stunned.

well, this memory came back to me.
and i got to thinking about it.
how even tho i didn't realize what was goin' on up on the surface,
way down deep, i knew.

how often does that happen, i wonder?
how often do we know, but we can't quite decipher what it is
that our deepest parts are telling us.

and how cool our deepest parts do tell us!

so that's the first part - how often do we know and not know it.
and it's got to be one of the trickiest things,
because how often do we interpret something wrong and think
we know when we don't know??? ya know???


and how often do we need other people to help us untangle it?
and then that's equally as crazy because we all know that depending
on other people isn't all it's cracked up to be, and can bring in all sorts
of confusion.

so no wonder we don't stumble into this knowing very often!

but here's the thing -
we DO stumble into it from time to time.
and i'm thinking prolly more often than we realize.

maybe it'd be a real good thing to keep in our minds.
or maybe our deepest parts will nudge us to it when we're forgetting.
because as far as i know, that memory came to me out of the blue
while i was exercising.

now i gotta wonder......why'd it show up then?
maybe it's time for me to tune in just a bit more, to open up just
a bit wider, and to listen just a bit closer.

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Diane in AR said...

Pretty amazing how all that happened ter. . .awesome as well - and yes we need to self-untangle more than we'd probably think. Sounds like another good exercise for our minds. . .thanks always!