Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just thinking

it was an interesting day problem-wise.
i can say that cause none of the problems were mine.
makes it easier to find the fascination about them.

i didn't really notice til the end of the day.
because by that time, so many different kinds of problems had
come my way.

i heard from friends, customers, neighbors.....
and when i sat back and looked, i realized how much ground they all covered.

some days there's themes - like a lotta people are dealing with self love,
or something where all the struggles seem similar.
the theme here seemed to be the whole range of life's problems -
a little bit of everything.

wow, look at that, i thought - we covered a ton of living.

and because my mood was incredibly light, my responses were incredibly
simplistic. i noticed that. figured it wasn't gonna always go over that good,
but it's what i honestly had to offer.

and i knew in my heart, that it honestly is that simple.
and yet it honestly is the hardest thing in the world to live the simple sometimes.

the only person i saw step into it had already come to it himself.
i think he just called for affirmation.

and i thought about that.

i know darn well it's choices.
how we react, what we carry, what we worry about - it's all choices.

and i know darn well that it's so darn hard to put stuff down that needs putting
or to to just accept the sadness and allow it. having been there about three million
times, i don't take it lightly. i know we are where we are and sometimes that's
stuck or wrestling with ourselves or just hating the sadness we're carrying.

so i didn't look for any particular response from anyone with their problems.
i just watched.

and the only one i saw stepping out of it at the moment was the person who had
already been in it for a bit, had sat with it and was ready to do what he needed to
do and move on.

so maybe that's the deal - maybe there's a time frame that takes place before we
see we can move forward. maybe all of it really is simple - maybe it just boils down
to this is what living is filled with.

maybe the hard part is giving ourselves the time before we can move to a different
place inside ourselves.


Anonymous said...

it's the pace? do you suppose? the way the world always seems to be zipping past us? that makes us not want the simple , the slow or to make time?
I wonder...
may may

Diane in AR said...

eloquently said. . .