Thursday, May 22, 2014

a mood enhancer

oh gosh,
life is so darn full,
it's certainly not always filled with joy.
some days i do wish it was.
but mostly i know it's good this way.

so when i got up, i wasn't exactly joyful.
i used the word 'lethargic' at some point,
but really, it was more than that......

i hadn't exercised in days.
that prolly had a lot to do with the mood.
and i knew i HAD to.....
but gosh i didn't want to.
i really really didn't want to.

so i dragged myself down to my little exercise spot by telling myself
'just do a little bit. just stretch your shoulder out a little. just do a little.'
my shoulder needed some work, so i followed my voice and went to it all.

i'm pretty sure you could say it was almost immediate - the feeling better
by just moving around a bit.....

but it was when i got on the treadmill and a favorite heavy metal song came on,
that my day changed entirely.

i'm assuming everyone's familiar with jimmy fallon's lip syncing - if not -
absolutely go look him up on youtube! well, he has inspired me and i really
think we all gotta lip sync to keep us laughing!

this thought popped into my head as the growly voice was singing away
and telling everyone to get out of his way and he was gonna run them on down.
the beat is goin' crazy, the voice is filled with anger and strength, and off i went
lip syncing as my little legs moved back and forth on the treadmill.

i hopped off and on several times to replay the song over and over.
each time, i got wilder and my arms flew more madly.
i got more and more into it, trying to make the angry face and laughing and
doin' it again and again.

by the time i got off that treadmill, every cell in my body was hoppin' around
feelin way way better.

i even tweeted to that heavy metal band to tell them this gentle soul really enjoyed
them this morning!

i didn't want to go down there.
i really didn't.
i wanted to kinda just wallow in my mood.

gosh, i'm glad i didn't.
and now, maybe next time i really really don't want to go exercise,
i can entice myself with a promise of lip syncing some heavy metal!


Diane in AR said...

hmmmm, are we needing a new bone sigh:

when in doubt
and down and out
to heavy metal
while treadmilling

yup, it'd be a best seller - high fives energy girl!!!

terri st. cloud said...

grinnin'....thanks girl!