Monday, May 19, 2014

a pretty cool group...

my weekend was tops of the top for me.
it was just full of fun and love and a lotta hangin' out with my guys.

here's something i realized this morning -
i am forever learning stuff from these guys.
and i know it'll be a lifetime of that.
they know so many things i don't!
and they look at things so differently than i do.

and here's the really cool thing - i WANT to learn from them.

i was thinking about it and i realized how much that adds to my appreciation of them.

i think that if you find the people you're with interesting
and feel like you can learn forever from them,
seems like you're just settin' yourself up for some awesome gratitude for their presence.

and yeah, i've been with people i don't feel this way about.
and i know it's a completely different experience.

sounds simple enough -
but i wanted to offer a challenge for ya -

go see if you're feelin' that way with whoever you're hangin' out with the most.

take a look around you. pay attention. see if that simple concept is workin' in your favor.

i can't say i've always felt this way about the people i hung with the most.
and now i know better.
and hope to never let this go.

even tho it's a simple thought, it seemed pretty darn important to pay attention to.

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

that's a pretty cool challenge - I'm in. . .gonna look around and see if I'm learning . . .something I try to do every day anyway. . .