Tuesday, May 20, 2014

unfiltered awe

a totally gorgeous day,
driving along,
windows open,
every light green,
i am in sync with the lights!
lovin' that.
sailing along smooth and easy.

take a turn off the main road onto a smaller road.
twistin' with the bend in the road when.......

overhead - JUST OVERHEAD - fly four airplanes that are totally grouped
in some amazing formation.
they're low.
they're just over my car.

and they are MAGNIFICENT!

i gotta tell ya - i'm not a military formation airplane kinda gal.

i mean it's nifty, you gotta admit it's cool. but it's never really caught my interest.

but there, so suddenly, i looked up and gasped at the beauty of them.

and then was amazed that i SAW the beauty!

i really did.
every part of me saw it.

and so i started wondering why.
why today and not before?

was it cause it was so sudden, caught me off guard and i was totally open?

not sure.

but i do know this.
i have far too many filters i use on the world.
they limit me and make me miss things.
maybe it's the filter of it being military.
i've got military filters for sure.
or guys playing with millions of dollars of equipment.
or whatever.
whatever judgment/filter i use, it does just that - it filters and stops things!

filters limit so much.

yes, i know we need some.
but certainly i have far more than i ever need.

when i was filled with the beauty of those guys/gals flyin' those planes like that,
i was totally in awe. i was in awe of the sheer power of those things, the incredible
capability of the pilots and the art and talent of flying that way.

the world is filled with these moments.
and i miss so many of them.
gonna work hard on taking off the filters as best i can,
and feeling the awe of the art of living all around me!

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

Nothing like a few low flying jets to jar you out of your comfort zone and your filters - love the reminder to be more open, to use filters only when really necessary and to find the beauty in everything we can!!