Tuesday, May 27, 2014

some lawn mowing thoughts......

i was trying to figure something out.
so i took my thoughts out with me while i mowed.
i ended up mowing longer than i had planned because
sure enough, i was untangling my thoughts as i went.

it's basic enough,
the unfortunate combination of 'not seeing' someone
and at the same time 'putting my stuff' on them.


it's funny.
well, not really.

but odd.....
how hard i try at seeing others and how many times i can just
project my thoughts onto them anyway.

it's my famous 'pottery plate syndrome.'
i love pottery.
so i just assume everyone else does.
i just assume everyone sees how gorgeous this pottery plate i've got is.


it took me a long time to really understand that not everyone really does like pottery.
and that those that don't are truly not impaired.

to REALLY understand that.


so okay.....the not seeing someone....that's basic stuff.
but the putting my stuff on them - that adds an extra layer to it all.

and of course it's more than i don't realize i'm doing it -
i actually trick myself into believing i'm not doing it.
i'm aware of not doing it - even tho i truly am doing it and denying it!~

ahhhhhh.........i'm a tricky little thing.

so i mowed and i figured this out.
and it explained an awful lot.
it explained my reactions to certain things,
things began to fall into place in my head.

oh gosh.
look at that.
look at what i've been doing.

as i talked this over with one of my sons,
he said 'when DON'T we do that??'

when aren't we just assuming the other person is seeing stuff like we're seeing it?
when aren't we just assuming the other person is on the same page as us?

or how about understanding that they're on the same page,
but with a bit of a different angle?

hmmmmmmm.......good questions, huh?

i truly believe we all have the same needs/wants/desires.
that our emotions are the same.

the thing i forget is that we all have our own timings for those,
and our own flavors of those....

and again, i try to stretch my awareness and remember to try to look,
and to see..........and to ask about what i don't understand......
and then try to hear what's truly being expressed.

i'm not here to run the show.
i'm here to experience the show.
i don't want to let my not seeing stop me from my truly touching life.

back to the drawing board.....


Diane in AR said...

love reading the lawnmowertherapy session. . .and so good you worked this out - your son's right - we all do this. . .and you're right - we need to work on our own awareness more than our own assumptions. . .life is so darn complicated/interesting/amazing/educational. . ..

terri st. cloud said...

no kidding, huh, diane?! thanks, lady!

Diane in AR said...