Wednesday, June 25, 2014

just sharin'.....

i'm so hoping this works.
i shared this on my personal fb page and on the bone sigh arts one.

i am completely taken with this.

for one thing, the guy in it reminds me of a good good friend that
used to be a huge part of my life. i haven't seen him in years and i am
so reminded of him in this.

so okay. that's not gonna do much for you guys.
but i love that part.

and the other reason?
this to me IS love.
it is sooooooo love.

and it makes me feel so good to watch the way they look at each other.

need a smile?
come check this out.

i've been watchin' it for a few days now!


Angie said...


diane in ar said...

It IS love and I totally understand watching it over and over - who can ever get enough love???