Tuesday, June 24, 2014


it was kinda odd.
a conversation i had years ago was in my head lately.
it was with a dad about his sons.
and in my mind, the conversation was profoundly sad.
and then as this conversation is rollin' around inside of me,
and i'm kinda wondering how anyone could be so thick headed as that dad,
i have a present day conversation with another dad dealing with his son.
and i find that one equally as sad. and this dad equally as thick headed.

i got to thinking about that.
and i realized it really had nothing to do with fathers and sons.
it could as easily have been mother and daughter,
husband and wife, 
sibling and sibling.
probably NOT friend and friend as we don't seem to treat our friends
the same way we treat family.
that right there is interesting.

so what was the bottom line i wondered?
and i pretty much came up with the unwillingness to see another
and in that unwillingness, more pain being produced.

now that's a tricky sentence.
because there are times we do see each other and cause pain anyway.
sometimes pain can't be avoided even if we're seeing clearly.

but sometimes it CAN be avoided.
or lessened.

but we're too darn stubborn to even open our eyes.


and i know.
every single one of us live moments like that.

but having it in my face and on my mind really got me thinking about it.
and it is EXACTLY what i do not want to do in my life.

it starts with opening our eyes.
and seeing.
sometimes that takes a tremendous amount of strength.
but i'm thinking it's always always worth it.....

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Diane in AR said...

It is ALWAYS worth it - and something we should be seeing and thinking about - open our eyes!!! - thanks ter!