Friday, June 13, 2014


it's been a day of a lot of jumbled thoughts.

think i'll just pop a few out here.....
just for the fun of it.

the first one is the biggest for me today -
thought a lot about it as i mowed my yard this morning -

it truly is possible to live your whole life missing the things that count.
you truly can die without having ever lived.

this really makes an impact on me.
i think that still in so many ways i continue to hold the 'happily ever after'
or the 'it all works out in the end' themes so deeply inside me.
that even when it has been stated so darn clearly in my own life
that things don't always work out, things aren't always pretty,
there's something inside me still that has trouble believing that.

so as i mowed and thought about the possibility of living your whole life
with what i'd call 'missing the point' - the idea that it's up to us to
make our life real and honest and loving......that idea just completely filled me.

it's entirely up to us.

that's one thought.

then there's these - which i think totally relate -

we're not victims. i mean, of course there are TIMES we are.
but mostly we're not.

doesn't that just tie into the first one so nice?!

now add this third one - you gotta hang on to that gratitude.
ya just gotta.

i think of a situation that i completely dropped it.
that won't work.
just won't work.

which brings me right back to the first one.....
it's entirely up to me what i do with my life.

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diane in ar said...

love this one too. . .it's all about hope and being aware and gratitude. . .