Sunday, December 29, 2013

resolutions swirling.........

ohmygosh....and the celebrating just keeps goin'....

the holidays are still rockin' over here and will go right on into the new year.
it's been so full with so many different thoughts, feelings and moods...
there's too much to share in one sitting.

so i decided to land back in with this one thought -

it's something that's come to me after being part of many different
gatherings and moments with's something i think i want to
sit with and work into one of my resolutions for the new year -

to take the whole 'being present' idea just one little slanty step further....

you know the idea already - when you're with someone to try to be fully
present and fully there. to listen and hear them and to look and see them.

not a new concept.
certainly an important one.
one i know i don't do all the time, but one i can do.
i like the idea, and am comfortable with my ability to do it.
it's the mindfulness i gotta work on.
but how about this tiny little twist? - to keep in mind that whoever i'm with
matters to me and i'm grateful they're here.

it's kinda 'understood' in the whole idea of being present and really hearing
and seeing the other person - and yet....i truly believe it's just a little bit of a twist
that can add a ton.

to consciously hold the gratitude for them and to consciously gift them with your
awareness of their value.

this has really grabbed my attention.

think of some of the gatherings you've experienced this holiday season.
think of the ones you felt this, and the ones you didn't.
think of the ones where you offered this, and the ones you didn't.

life changing perhaps?

something to definitely mull about for the coming new year.......

something i totally want to dabble with.
and something i thought worth sharing.....


Diane in AR said...

Definitely a good mulling plan - how often are we not fully present - checking the phone, email, whatever, looking at something/someone else - what a great gift to give whomever we are with - our full PRESENT attention and gratitude for them being present now with us. . .I'm gonna start practicing NOW !!!

terri st. cloud said...

you and me both, diane! waving at ya, woman! :)