Thursday, April 16, 2015

stumbling into brilliance.

i did something brilliant without even meaning to.....

i named my biggest wind chime i've got 'god.'
cause it sounds so beautiful.
and every time i hear it i think 'that's god.'
and every time i think that, i just smile all the way thru.

well......i decided that every single one of my wind chimes should be named god.
and i have a few wind chimes!

i was out in my garden today.
had ten minutes between things so i ran out to get some weeds up.
the wind was so perfectly gentle and delicious,
it blew thru my hair and i just closed my eyes and felt it.
and that's when i noticed......

the wind chimes,
several of them.
singing and dancing and delighting me all at once.

i smiled and thought 'god's here.'

i honestly think naming them that was one of the most brilliant things i've ever done.


diane in ar said...

I have to agree with you BRILLIANT !!!!!

margy said...

What a lovely thing to stumble into - it is a brilliant idea! God (god) is so objectified in thought for so many of us - the male, white, white-bearded man does not do justice to the divinity of life, be that divinity and spirit be a butterfly or a tree or a person. Thanks again for your thoughts (and for the day's quote in your artwork!

Welles said...

I shared this brilliant little bit with a friend. She wrote back...
"beautiful reading.  I think i will call all the birds here god!
    chirp, quack, bwaack!
(she has ducks and chickens and is surrounded by all sorts of song birds, ravens and a flock of wild turkeys.)
♥ Welles