Thursday, July 9, 2015

it's not that hard terri...

after my drive yesterday (see post below)
i really tried to just let myself relax into the releasing.
my guy – my new room-mate – is so good for me with that.
he was right there encouraging me, helping me.
i couldn’t have a better fella.

while i couldn’t have a better fella,
i bet i could have a cleaner one.

and of course, that’s been a bit of a culture shock thing goin’ on here.
it’s one of those things where i see he’s trying, really trying.
and well………..gosh.
i think real hard on how to approach the stuff and not make things crazy
and it can get me all tangled.

and then?
today while out getting some cleaning supplies i found these cleaning wipes.
i never noticed ’em before.
don’t think i ever needed them before.
but oh ho ho.
now baby!
i am puttin’ these suckers to use!
honestly, the company should call me today.
because i would do a knock-em-dead commercial for these things.

i do believe they are about to change my life!

and yeah……they’re cleaning wipes.

i know.

but here’s the thing –
here’s why i’m bloggin’ about them –

it’s so easy.
so easy.
i’m gonna have a normal conversation with my guy about this co-habitating stuff
and i’m gonna keep my cleaning wipes handy!
and that’s it.

not so hard.

so i’m thinking about all these tons of little things that have gotten me stressed
lately……all across the board all across my life…..personal, business, everywhere.
i think 90% of my stresses just needed their own sort of cleaning wipes.

you got a problem? what’s the cleaning wipe solution for it?
i’ve already dived into a buncha stuff that was getting to me –
visualizing cleaning wipes in hand –
and i tell ya, i’m rarin’ to go!

i’m tackling some business stuff today.
and instead of dreading it – i’m totally tickled.

go figure.
it’s not that hard.

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diane in ar said...

I love this - how great to take something that could potentially blow up and explode into frustration and unhappiness and letting that go by wiping things clean literally and figuratively. . .yup, great commercial for wipes and life. . .