Saturday, November 20, 2010

thanking you....

i had no idea how much the support around me would help me.
the notes i got from people lighting candles last nite,
sending thoughts, prayers, vibes, dedicating their performances,
listening to music with the intention of holding me and my
loss in their was overwhelming.

and right away i knew it mattered to me so much.
right away i knew it would help me thru a rough nite.

and then, when the nite got rougher (see post below)
and i didn't know how to hold it together, i stepped
into the shower and i closed my eyes and i thought of
everyone doin' this stuff.......and i held on to it.

i just held on to it.

and it mattered so much to me.

i want to thank everyone who took a moment for this
last nite....

it ended up being more helpful than i ever could have

there is a web of connection.
and it so does matter.
it's up to us to reach out and hold on to it.
that's the part that we have to do.
we have to grab it when we need it.

i grabbed it last nite.

thank you for offering it.....


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm holding you in a big Heart Hug right now my beautiful Star Woman...everything is going to be alright...I know you know that, and it doesn't take the pain away, but your sisters and brothers in this vast universe are connected to you, so feel my hug now and know...everything is going to be alright!


Susan said...

I wasn't here last night... but I'm sitting with you today. Helping you hold that space.

Coleen said...

connections terri....its real....we are

Heart Hugs,